Our Services

Internet Service

DIL Technology provides dedicated internet as a high-quality service.

Our support level is 24/7 with all year-round online availability (Mail, Phone-On call support line/Mbps/month, customer portal). The service includes multi international source backup and a weekly service connection health test.

Multi Protocol Label Switching


Layer 2 means that traffic is tagged by a MAC address, as opposed to an IP address. It is a transparent interface – no router hardware investment required for bandwidth upgrades. With low latency – switched as opposed to routed.

Plug & Play for ease of deployment: no configuration required for new sites, which appear as new devices on a LAN.

Connectivity of multiple geographically located sites to connect on the same LAN.


IP/VPNs are extremely scalable for a fast deployment. It offers ‘any to any’- connectivity: a shorter hop count between two local sites is more efficient than – ‘tromboning’ back into a central point. This is especially relevant for global networks where latency is increased as packets travel over long geographical distances. It is preparing for voice and data convergence: to implement a blanket ‘class of service’ prioritization based on traffic type is made simple across multi-site network.

Security Information & Event Management

  • Monitoring and managing network security.

  • Increased efficiency

  • Preventing potential security breaches

  • Reducing the impact of security events

  • Saving money

  • Better reporting, log collection, analysis and retention

  • IT compliance

Distributed Denial of Service

• Reduce downtime and minimize business risk with a DDoS mitigation
solution that can deflect and absorb the largest DDoS attacks.
• Maintain web site and application performance.
• Minimize costs associated with web security.
• Protect against new and evolving threats.
• Reduce the risk of data theft.

Firewall Service

• Block unauthorized access.
• Prevent user access to problem content.
• Improve business function and apply policy for business requirements
• A firewall is your first line of defense—not your last.

Security Operation Control

The improvement of security incident detection through continuous monitoring and analysis of network activity as well as through cyber intelligence findings. By analyzing activities across organization’s networks around the clock, Expert-S.O.C. So, teams will be able to detect and respond to security incidents early. This is crucial, as time is the most critical resource regarding an effective cyber security incidents response.

The 24/7 Expert-S.O.C. monitoring gives organizations a huge advantage to defend themselves against incidents and intrusions, regardless of source, time of day or attack type. The gap between the attacker’s time to compromise and the enterprise’s time to detect shrinks, which helps organizations to stay on top of threats facing their environments and limit their risk.