Quality & Sustainability

Quality Policy 

DIL Technology is committed to meet the customer's technical and regulatory requirements concerning delivery and installation of fiber optic telecommunication connections and services by providing resources and capabilities necessary to implement it's Quality Management System and proceed to develop and improve it continuously in accordance with the rules and regulations of ISO 9001. 

The head management assures its commitment to implement and review the quality objectives inspired by this policy. 

The company asserts that the quality policy has been attained and absorbed in all processes of the company and is being reviewed periodically to achieve a continuous suitability. 


Sustainability is an essential moral and economic imperative for companies. At DIL Technology we want to make sustainability the center of our activities. As leaders, we want to integrate strategy, sustainability and control and entrench the values and ethics that underpin sustainable practices.

Sustainability is not just about green initiatives or reducing our carbon footprint. Sustainability in business terms means securing sustained profits, co-operative relationships with stakeholders, aligning business products and services with societal interest, mitigating negative societal impacts and enhancing positive impacts.

DIL Technology has a strong commitment to the principles of broad-based Economic Empowerment and continuous efforts to improve environmental performance through training and awareness of our staff.